Saturday, November 6, 2010

A week away from 1 year

The party planning has begun and we are a week away from 1 year. Lily is celebrating her first birthday next Saturday. I am so excited and have planned every detail. I decided to get creative and made all of her party stuff. I have researched lots of blog sites which was super fun. It's tons of work but well worth every minute. Her theme for her party is "Our Little Cupcake is turning 1". So of course cupcakes galore. John and I have already bought her gifts. Which is so much fun to go into a Toy's R Us and look at all the cool toys they have out now that I didn't have as a kid!
Planning Lily's party has been so much fun and it allows me to be creative in other ways. I discovered a whole new world of blogs and stores. I will share all the fun sites and stores after the party. I think I want to add it to my design company to do creative party planning or invitations. I would like to eventually have my own line of invitations and note cards.
I can not believe it has been a year. To all you moms out there it goes by so fast. She has grown up so much in a year and has discovered so many new things. Here's a quick rundown of what Lily is up to:
She just took her first steps this week. What a moment! She couldn't believe she was walking! It was so cute. She eats pretty much everything we eat (well we are working on that because she only wants pasta, cheese, and yogurt...the tricking as begun!). She is probably weighing in around 17lbs now. Her favorite shows are Sesame Street and The Fresh Beat Band. Basically she loves watching anything that has music in it so she can dance! She loves our iPhone and all the fun apps I put on it for her but trying to get it back causes a another issue of meltdowns! She still has bright red hair although not much as grown in and she still has her baby blues. She is such a joy and we love her so much. She has brought a new meaning to life!
Below is her Halloween pictures. She wasn't to sure about Halloween and what we were doing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010's been too long

It has been a long while since I have posted anything. And we are getting close to a year. I find myself writing and posting more to facebook than to our family blog but I am going to try harder to keep this up. Lily is now 10 months. I can not believe it. She is crawling like crazy, standing at every moment (with help) and eating better. She started the last couple of weeks getting upset when you tell her she can not have something. The red headed temper is starting to show. She has brought such joy to our lives. Her smile lights John and I up! She has such personality. I am starting to think about her first birthday and I am getting excited to celebrate. I can not believe that we are reaching the one year mark. Seems like yesterday we just brought her home. It took a good 4-6 months for me to really feel like myself again and get back into a good routine. I had a couple of medical hiccups but everything is great now. I am starting to realize that with your first child it takes time and patience to adjust and then before you know it their turning 1.
Lily is a whopping 15lbs 2oz at her last checkup a couple weeks ago. She is very petite. The doctor says she has a high metabolism (I was wondering where mine went??). She enjoys baby yogurt and jello.
We are feeding her 3 solid meals (she eats pretty much what we eat, that is if she will have anything to do with it), 3 bottles, 2 naps and sleeps great at night; 7:30pm down for the night and 8-8:30am she is up for the day.
She does not have any teeth as of yet but I think we are really close. She loves music and anything that makes noise. Her favorite thing is to be outside or in her bathtub. She loves water!
Lily is the best little girl and super cute and I can't believe the miracle she is. I thank God everyday for giving me such a precious gift. I love her with everything that I am. It is great to be called Mama!

Here are some pictures and I promise to keep updating my blog! These are from 6mth to present.
Some of these photos were taken by: Bella Mi Photography Kristin is an amazing photography and person!

Bella Mi Photography

Bella Mi Photography

Bella Mi Photography

Lily floating in the water

Enjoying some food

Getting Sleepy - At Lily's Great-Grandmother's 90th Birthday Celebration

Hiking with Daddy and Mama

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's a Girl - Lily Kate Slappey

John and I welcomed Lily Kate Slappey to our family on November 13th, 2009 at 3:11pm. John and I went Thursday the 12th to my doctors appointment and found out that the levels around the placenta were low and that we needed to induce. So they sent me on to the hospital. John and I drove to Mimi's Cafe for a good lunch because once I got to the hospital I couldn't eat. Then we headed home to get our stuff together. We arrived at the hospital around 4 but didn't get into a room till around 8 that evening. Long afternoon. Once settled in our room they started my IV and gave me my induction medicine at around 10pm. We actually got some sleep that night and come 7am I was sick of sitting in bed so we went for walk around the floor. Then came to the room and several minutes after getting back in bed my water broke. It was go time then. My contractions started 3 minutes apart and were intense. They didn't expect it to happen that fast and that I would break my water on my own. About 45 minutes later they gave me my epidural (thank you to ever invented that drug!!!) I was worried about getting it but once the contractions hit i didn't care where you put that needle in! It was the best thing in the world. Then the rest of the afternoon I enjoyed being with my family. Both sets of grandparents, my sister, and my grandmother were all there!
It was such a miracle and John and I were alone together with doctors when we welcomed the biggest surprise of our lives, Lily Kate! We were overjoyed and so happy we made it a surprise. She is truly a blessing.
We stayed in the hospital till Sunday and then we were able to bring her home! She almost didn't get to come home because of her jaundice levels and her weight. But all was good on Sunday!

It has been 2 weeks since her birth and life has been a little hectic at times. I am getting use to breastfeeding and nighttimes feedings. My mom came and stayed for a week which was wonderful. John has been such a wonderful husband and supporter to me. We can't believe how much she has grown and how quickly she changes day by day. It seems to all happen so fast. We have had lots of visitors and lots of pictures taken of our sweet Lily. John and I have been so blessed by our friends and family!

I have been meaning to add this post but have been so busy adjusting and spending time with Lily and finding time to sleep when I can.

Monday, November 9, 2009

1 Week to Go...

I am trying to enjoy the last moments of being pregnant and feeling this sweet little baby move but I am getting anxious and very ready to meet him or her. The last week or so have been hard with legs swelling, tired and just uncomfortable with Braxton Hicks. But all these are good signs that the baby will be here soon. The doctor said everything is going great and it could be any day now. I am hoping sooner than later. But what pregnant woman doesn't wish the last couple of weeks away!

John and I are ready to go and bags are ready for the trip. The nursery is as cute as it can be and I am so ready to show the new little addition it's room. I think John is ready for me to stop organizing and over organizing. THE NEST IS READY and everything has it's place! John has been a big help and taking good care of me. I am so blessed to have him as my husband and a best friend.

I can not believe that we are about to enter the world of parenthood. I am nervous but excited about becoming a mother. I can't wait to see John holding our new little one and seeing him as a father. He is going to be an incredible dad. (I am little worried if we have a girl she will never be aloud out of the house!) I am anticipating the moment when they tell us if it is a girl or boy! That is going to be the best surprise of our lives. I am so glad we wanted to find out.

For now I am trying to keep busy with finishing up some work things as well as getting some personal stuff done around the house. I started filling in the baby book last night which was fun. I am trying to take it easy and get some sleep before sleep is no more for a while. (but it will be worth every moment of not sleeping!)
We will keep you posted in the days to come. Please pray for a healthy baby and a wonderful delivery.

My quote right now is "I am ready to hold this precious miracle in my arms and not in my belly!"

Will it be...
Lily Kate Slappey or John Jefferson Slappey, Jr (nickname - JJ) - We will know soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Showering of Love

It has been such a blessing to have our friends and family surrounding us during this special time. I have had so much fun going to all the baby showers and it has helped us out so much in preparing for our new little one. We could not have done this by ourselves! We thank you! Here is a glimpse...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Helper

Now John can help out with nursing! Thanks friends! :) This was a gag gift a friend gave to us at a shower an it is to funny!! I just had to share. He will probably kill me for posting. But I think we all need a good laugh every now and again!

Greater things are yet to come..

I am enjoying a great big smoothie this morning..yum! John and I enjoyed a wonderful work shower yesterday with all our friends and family of PSP. It was so much fun! We feel so incredibly blessed to have the jobs we do and be surrounded by such wonderful loving people on a daily basis.
I am starting to feel a little more prepared but still in this crazy nesting phase. I am not sure if all woman go thru this but it is this great big umbrella of lists of things you would like to complete before the baby comes. And at times I think John thinks I am going nuts! I am making list of lists. :) But in the end I am trying to remember that not matter what it all comes together. That is right, the world doesn't cave in if you don't have everything right where it should be. The ultimate gift is the miracle and blessing of a small child that God created just for John and I. I can not wait to meet this new little person and enjoy all the wonders of parenthood. It is crazy that we all started off this way so tiny and small. I keep telling my mom I have new found respect for her and what she did for me. I think we should all hug our moms (and dads) today and tell them how much you love them!

My friend Jill came over this past weekend and took some maternity pictures of us. They are great. See below. She is really good and I thought I didn't want to take maternity pictures but I am glad I have them now. I didn't want to capture to many pictures of me looking like a giant marshmallow! But I think they turned out fabulous and I am glad I did it. So if you are thinking of getting some! You won't regret it. It is a time to feel great about carrying a gift from God and enjoying every moment!
If you need someone to take some great pictures check out my friends site: Jillian C. Photography

She does a great job!

Well it is time to get the day started and look at my list of things to do! Meetings, Laundry, Dishes, Flu Shot...and the list goes on!